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Invisalign® is a great alternative for patients who are self-conscious about an overbite, underbite, or other alignment imperfections but do not want traditional braces. Instead of obvious metal brackets and wires, you can wear nearly invisible trays that are consistently replaced as teeth shift into their proper position.

Invisalign® Is More Comfortable


Removable Aligners

Invisalign® aligners can be removed for meals so throughout treatment, you can continue to enjoy your favorite crunchy foods. They also allow you to brush and floss your teeth like normal without braces getting in the way.

Comfortable Materials

The wires and brackets of traditional metal braces can irritate your lips, tongue, and the insides of your cheeks. Invisalign trays are laser-cut and made with a smooth, BPA-free plastic to minimize irritation.

Reduce Treatment Timeline

While patients who choose braces typically wear them for 18 months to four years, Invisalign aligners are designed to straighten your smile in 12 to 18 months. Your specific timeline will depend on the condition of your smile.

Can It Really Work For Me?

Invisalign® has helped over 10 Million patients and counting!

Although traditional braces are sometimes a better choice for patients with severe cases of malocclusion, Invisalign can most likely work for you. If this is not the case, Dr. Moser-Knitowski  can refer you to a trusted orthodontist our office has worked with for over a decade.


How Do I Qualify?

Invisalign® Treats


Invisalign can correct cases where your lower teeth project past your upper teeth.


If your dental arches do not line up correctly, causing overlapping teeth, Invisalign can help.


If your upper teeth stick out too far past your lower teeth, you may be a good candidate.

Gap Teeth

Large gaps can detract from your appearance but Invisalign® can correct this imperfection.

Open Bite

If your dental arches do not meet properly and leave space, Invisalign can improve your bite.

Crowded Teeth

Crowding can make brushing and flossing more difficult, so treatment is crucial in these cases.

Isn't It Expensive?

Not Necessarily.

Invisalign® cost around $5,000 depending on your caseIn general, you can expect the cost of Invisalign® to be around $5,000. Some patients may pay less and insurance often covers at least a portion of the treatment. The cost of traditional braces is comparable so it is important to weigh the advantages of Invisalign® when deciding which treatment is right for you.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the clear benefits of Invisalign, so we offer in-house financing options exclusively to these patients.

What should I expect throughout Invisalign® treatment, from start to finish?

Achieve a Straighter Smile

in 12 to 18 Months

Although your timeline will depend on the severity of your case, treatment can generally be completed in 12 months. In some cases, we can speed up your treatment by using PROPEL Excelleration™ technology.

An Invisalign® Premier Provider, the doctor will evaluate your bite and determine whether the treatment is a good option for you. If braces are recommended, we will refer you to a trusted orthodontist.
If you are a good candidate for Invisalign, we will take digital impressions with our CEREC® system. Using specialized software, we will then be able to give you an accurate treatment timeline, tell you how many trays you will need, and provide estimated costs.
All of the information that the doctor gathers will be sent to the Invisalign lab, where your custom trays will be fabricated over the next two to four weeks.
Start Treatment
When your aligners are ready, you can start treatment immediately after picking them up. In order for Invisalign to be effective, you need to wear your trays 20 to 22 hours every day. Every two weeks, you will switch into a new set of trays.
Most patients only have to visit our office every six weeks or so. During these appointments, the doctor will monitor your progress. If you chose to combine Invisalign® with Propel Orthodontics, the doctor will also perform the treatment at these visits.
Finish Treatment
Most patients are done with treatment after approximately 12 months. In most cases, you can continue to wear your last tray as your retainer to maintain your results.
1 YR

Watch the Simplicity

of Invisalign® Treatment

The results are nothing short of life-changing…

Before — Prior to treatment, this patient was self-conscious about their smile due to noticeable malocclusion.

After — We were able to significantly improve her appearance with Invisalign® treatment.

Invisalign® to Discreetly Straighten Your Smile

With today’s technology, you can achieve a straighter, more aesthetic smile, without the need for noticeable metal brackets. Invisalign® is a clear orthodontic system that allows you to correct minor to moderate malocclusion comfortably and conveniently. The clear trays provide more comfortable and inconspicuous treatment that is often a great solution for teens and adults. Lake Austin Smiles is an Invisalign® Premier Provider in Austin, TX. Even if other dentists have said you were not a candidate for this treatment, you may be able to receive exceptional orthodontic care. 

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign® is an alternative orthodontic treatment consisting of clear alignment trays that are custom-fit to your teeth. Instead of using brackets and wires, this system uses a series of aligners that are each shaped slightly differently. This difference can gently shift your teeth into proper alignment and improve your oral health and appearance as you progress through the trays in the series. 

By improving the alignment of your bite, Invisalign can also positively affect your oral health. This can include: 

Prevention of wear and tear on surrounding teeth

Improved ability to clean teeth properly

Alleviation of headaches caused by malocclusion

The doctor can evaluate your bite to determine if Invisalign® is best suited for your needs. His extensive experience and familiarity with the Invisalign® system have allowed him to treat orthodontic issues that other dentists could not address with this method.

Advantages of Invisalign?

Many patients choose to undergo their orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® primarily for the benefit of discreet treatment. Often, teens and adults who can benefit from orthodontia avoid treatment because they do not want to wear traditional braces due to the appearance of metal brackets and wires. The clear trays used with Invisalign® are nearly invisible, allowing you to continue your daily routine with confidence and virtually no alteration in your appearance.

In addition to discreet treatment, Invisalign trays are molded to fit your smile. This customization creates a fitted, more comfortable solution that will not irritate the gums or soft tissues. The trays are also removable, allowing you to easily maintain your oral health and to eat your favorite foods without restrictions.

Traditional orthodontic care can require frequent visits that become cumbersome and lead to significant discomfort after wires are tightened. Those undergoing Invisalign® treatment will typically come to our office only once every six weeks. Additionally, the gradual changes between each tray ensure your teeth are shifted gently, resulting in less pain.

The Treatment Process

During your consultation, Dr. Petersen will conduct an extensive evaluation of your bite to determine whether Invisalign is the right alignment method for you. For patients that require traditional orthodontics, we work with a reputable local orthodontist that can provide the care you need. We have been referring patients to the same orthodontist for nearly 10 years with consistent satisfaction.

For those who are candidates for Invisalign, we will use the advanced CEREC system to take digital impressions. Using the highly accurate images, we will be able to determine the number of trays necessary to achieve your goals, how long the treatment will take, and your estimated cost.

We are extensively trained in providing bio-stimulation through Propel® Orthodontics accelerated treatment. This system stimulates the jawbone, allowing teeth to shift in nearly half the time.

These scans also allow us to design precise, well-fitting trays for the best results. Every few weeks, you will visit our office so that we can monitor progress and provide you with new aligner trays to further adjust your teeth as needed. You will wear these aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day and will move onto the next tray in the series approximately every two weeks. Typically, treatment will last between 12 to 18 months.

Expedited Treatment

Receive the Best Invisalign® Care Available

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